3 Reasons Why Should Not Worry About The Future

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

Photo Credit: Mike Chaput

The future is unknown. No one knows tomorrow. We have all heard these clichés many times, but yet we still worry about what the future holds.  Why? Because we’re afraid.

We are afraid of unknown circumstances. We have designed and painted the future that’s unknown to us in our heads and we’re afraid that our imagined future may not come into being. Then we get more worried.

Maybe you need a clearer picture of why worrying about the future doesn’t get you closer to your ideal goal.

Worrying about the future is a setback towards accomplishing one’s goals. It’s a hindrance to positive thinking. It stifles your mind not to do your best at the present because you’re afraid of what the outcome will be.

There are three 3 reasons why should stop worrying about the future.

  1. The future is unknown.

Setting goals is good, but if you do your best to make your everyday experience better, then you’ll accomplish your goals one day. One day here maybe today, maybe tomorrow. As long as you’re experiencing each day and doing your best, then you’re living in the future.

  1. The future is already there waiting.

If you’re earning 500 dollars monthly, the day you’ll start earning 5000 dollars is there waiting which is every day. You don’t actually know when, but it is part of the days you’re living and experiencing. The accumulation of your everyday struggle, the good and bad days are the result of the future.

  1. Every day is your future.

Can you look back at all your worries 5 years ago? You’ll realize that the future you’re afraid of then had passed. You have lived it and it’s nothing to be worried about now. Live every day to your best and you’ll meet the future where it is.

How are you dealing with the future? Do you still worry about it or not? Please speak your mind in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Should Not Worry About The Future

  1. I agree with what you said, But there are fears that we cannot control. Like a fear of being robbed or a fear of some stalker from the past, or the fear of facing someone who knows about sinful past.. This is fear is different as compared to the fear of not achieving goals. what are your thoughts regarding this?

    • Thank you for reading, Baad. You’re right that there are fears that we cannot control. Fear is innate in us all. It’s a natural thing to be afraid. Fear of the known and the unknown. They are normal but the problem is that these fears don’t let us move ahead in life. They make us get stuck in a place and we find ourselves where we don’t want.

      Regarding facing someone who knows one’s past is about changing one’s mindset. It’s about letting the past go and not letting it define who we are at the present and realizing that the person is not perfect and just human like us.

      We only have fear of getting robbed only if we’re in an unsafe environment. This also has to do with the mindset too. Negative thoughts are what bring these fears most times and one need to fight that thought with positive one. I hope I’ve convinced you enough. Don’t be afraid for the future cannot be predicted. Stay blessed. 🙂

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