Stop Whining And Start Fixing

Once in a while, some of the burners on the gas stove in my dorm’s kitchen don’t work. What do the students do about it? Whine. They whine and kvetch about how frustrating the dorm is and later keep silent. What does their whining and kvetching solve? Nothing.

This has always been like that and nothing get solved until the dorm authority does something about it, and then we can cook. We always complain and wait until they solve our problems. There are even some students who chose not to complain but rather kept quiet. Those who complain and those who kept quiet are both the same.

Because they are not solving anything.

But there is a student in the dorm that thinks complaining and waiting for solution all the time doesn’t help us or bring change to the students’ plight. Complaining doesn’t fix things when needed. Rather it delays us from doing what we need to do on time. So, what did he do about it? He stopped complaining and started fixing.
Whenever any of the burners on the gas stove stop working, he fixes it. He has been doing that for a while and everybody now knows him for that. What drives this guy to keep doing this? Change! He believes that complaining and whining doesn’t bring change. He believes that until one fixes something then change will come. He broke his silence in the dorm by fixing things and not by whining.

Recently, a girl met me in the kitchen when some of the burners on the gas stove were not working. I told her that we should call the guy that usually fixes the gas stove to come and fix it. Fortunately, the guy came because he wanted to cook too. So, he fixed the burners on the gas stove and started cooking. The girl said, “If we have someone like this guy on each floor of the dorm, the dorm will be better off.” Her words touched me. It was like she was talking to me directly that complaining doesn’t solve anything until one fix things.

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

Photo Credit: MSGT Dale Atkins (

The incident in my dorm has a correlation to the world too where people complain about things and don’t fix things. The world is full of whiners more than ever before. If people started thinking how to fix things then we will see the change we’re all craving for.

The only people that are changing and fixing things are the ones that care so much.
They are the ones who are not waiting for one authority to make things happen for them. They believe that no amount of complaints can bring change unless they started fixing things themselves. They believe in breaking their silence not by kvetching or making a ruckus but fixing things for the betterment of the world.

If all the people in the world are all complainers there won’t be much change in the world now. Those who are making difference are those who are fixing and making things happen. Why can’t you be one? Of course, you can if only you stop complaining and start fixing.
—MOAB © 2014


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