A Criminal’s Confession About Fear

images (1)I was watching Crime Fighters the other day on YouTube. A friend had sent me the link to the video. In the video, a notorious armed robber was making a confession about how he carried out all his successful operations. For those of you who don’t know what Crime Fighters is; it’s a Nigerian TV program that shows the confession of apprehended criminals.

What got me thinking about his confession is when he was asked, “Do armed robbers also have fear?” His response was concise, “Yes, armed robbers do have fear too.” The interrogator asked, “But how do you overcome fear and go for operations successfully?” He said, “You just have to believe and do what you need to do.”

As a writer I have a lot of ideas and projects that I’d like to complete but fear hinders me from even starting them or finishing some of them. The armed robber’s confession about fear and what to do about it caused me to have a profound realization. There is a valid point in his confession, but I’m not asking you to go and rob. My point is that, there are many things that we might want to do, but fear is hindering from completing them. Yes, we all have plans, ideas, and projects and most of them are merely in our thoughts on which we don’t take any action. We are too afraid to start them; fear is crippling us. No one wants to fail or be a failure so we do nothing, as then we do not risk failing.

Fear of failure is real and natural. We all want to be safe and successful, but if no one ever failed, then how would we measure success? Besides there are even some great things that were accidentally discovered because of someone’s so called failure or a plan that did seem to go as originally planned. Penicillin may not have otherwise been discovered for example. Fear of failure incapacitates us, because it scares us into not believing in ourselves and because we don’t want to humiliate ourselves.

Thus, many times we take the safe route and take no action so that we don’t fail. Have you ever considered though that by not accomplishing your plans that you also have failed? By not accomplishing your plans you have failed yourself. You can have thousands of plans but if you allow fear to cripple you without taking action to accomplish them, then all your plans are pointless.

Fear will always haunt us. You can’t beat fear. Not even courage can obliterate fear. For courage is not the absence of fear. What can you do about it then? Just take the robber’s advice: “You just have to believe and do what you need to do.”
-MOAB © 2014


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