Why I Don’t Need Your Advice on Writing If You’re Not A Writer/Blogger

Does this title hurt you if you’re not a writer/blogger? Maybe. If you’ve tried to advise a writer/blogger on writing before then this title will upset you more. You can say this is arrogance or that I’m uppity. Whatever. The point is, if a writer is telling you that he wants to write about something, he’s not seeking for your opinion or advice on it unless he states otherwise. He only wants to have a conversation with someone not an advice. Because he believes in your story and he learns from them.

You should know that most times when you try to advise a writer even when you know that you’re not one and you’ve never written something that takes 2 hours to compose or even days sometimes then your advice is not needed because you’ve no idea what writing is all about.

You have no idea of how writers do their rituals. You have no idea of how many cup of tea and coffee writers take when the juice is not flowing. You have no idea of how difficult it is facing a blank page every day which needs to be filled with words. Not ordinary words but words that make sense. Words that get people thinking. Words that bring change and inspire people. You have no idea and that’s why your advice is useless. I don’t need your advice if you’re not a writer. This is so because only writers understand what other writers are going through.

It’s only writers that can advise writers on writing because they know it better, they eat and live writing, and they battle with the blank page every day.
-MOAB © 2014


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Need Your Advice on Writing If You’re Not A Writer/Blogger

  1. Yes, you are somewhat right. But doesn’t that limit the amount of knowledge and/or resources available to us as writers?

    • No, it doesn’t need limit our resources as writers. My point is this: most times, people who are not writers try to give us advice that doesn’t work for us because they don’t have any idea what writing is all about. I’ve experienced this myself.

      But I’m not saying that one shouldn’t listen to other people when it comes to our work, because, after all, we’re not only writing for writers, but for others too.

      As for the struggle, no one understands it better than writers. Thanks for reading, Prince Jones Nwandire.

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