Bird by Bird

There are many ideas flowing and swirling around in my head. I’m not special because we all have ideas. I’ve 5 (almost finished/ get stuck) books. Do you know why I didn’t finish writing them? It’s because there are many things I wanted to write about. As I am writing one, another idea pops in, and then I drop it, and go to another. Do you want to be like me? I guess you don’t want that. Of course, you want to be an achiever. You want to be awesome. So, how can you be one? It’s simple! Just take it bird by bird. Choose one goal at a time and accomplish it before going to another one.

This is a hard lesson for me. It took me years to understand this and now, I’m taking it slow. Just bird by bird and finish writing my books.

If you don’t finish writing your book, then it’s not yet a book. The same goes for your goal, too. If your goal is not accomplished then it’s not your goal. Do you want to write a book? If yes, then finish it and make it a book.

Too many goals don’t make a goal. One accomplished goal is the king of all goals.

So now, take your pen and write just one goal that you want to accomplish and take it bird by bird. Remember I said one goal, not two or three, but one goal. Go now and be awesome. Take it bird by bird. Get a copy of Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird if you want to write better.

-MOAB © 2014


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