Small is Beautiful

Photo Credit: The Tiny House Film

In this world of big things, small things are no more appreciated. Perhaps people have forgotten that it’s small things that become big things. We all want a big idea to change the world. We all want something big to change our current status. They will never happen until we embrace small things, too.

I know that you wanted something good for yourself and the world, but one thing is stopping you from doing it. You’ve been telling yourself that if only you’ve enough you’ll help that clochard on the street, if only you’ve millions of dollars you’ll start that business and create job opportunities for the youth; if only you have this and that and so on that you will make things happen.

The phrase “I don’t have enough” is setting you back. The phrase “if only I’ve millions of dollars” then I could make a difference. This is the lie you’ve been telling yourself all this while. Hear me well my friend that small is beautiful. What about saying if your small good deeds are constant; if you give the little you have to the poor often, if you make your speech short and constant maybe people will listen. Whatever good you want to act on, do it and do it often. In spite of how small it is.

Small is beautiful if you do it often and constant then it will become big. And there is nothing more pleasant to God than a small good deed done persistently. So, what are you waiting for? Make your life count by appreciating small things as they’re beautiful.

-MOAB © 2014


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