Why you should Like my Post and Share it Among Others Before I Become the Next Celebrity

This is not an appeal folks! It’s neither a ballyhoo (hype) nor attention seeking, too. Why am I saying this now? It’s because many folks have told me that they see my writings on Facebook and I was like “but you never liked it nor shared it with others” so, why telling me?

If you see any of my writings on Facebook or on my blog and it resonates with you, like it and share it.

Are you waiting till I write the next New York Times Bestseller before you decide that my writings worth liking and sharing? If you’re that person, then I am telling you now that it will be late by then. The ones I will recognize and notice are the ones who when my writings suck they still like it and encourage me to do better.

And if my writings are crap, just go ahead to the comment and type this is crap!

The truth hurts, anyways but it doesn’t kill.

The truth is, writers write to get read. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar, literally.

So why should you like my writings, anyway? It’s because when I blow up and become the next super star then you can at least tell your friends that you’ve been reading my writings even before I made it to the top and if otherwise you can still make references that you know one so called writer who never made it at all.

Or better still, you can brag about me saying you’re my number one fan even before I went mainstream.

What do you lose? Absolutely nothing!

It’s a win-win for you. Is either you like my writings now or never.

-MOAB © 2014


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