Don’t Be Afraid Folks, Share Information With Others

In this digital age, we all know that information is very vital. But the question is: do we share this vital information with others to benefit from it? From my teeny-weeny experience so far, I have discovered that people do not share vital information with others especially information that has to do with success.

The problem is that we’re afraid that, if we share this vital information with others there will be more people available to benefit from it which will reduce our chances to become successful.

We want to be more comfortable than others, we want to be richer than our friends and this is why we don’t share some wealth related information with others. We’ve failed to define what success is and what it takes to be successful even if thousands of people have access to this information.

If you’re reading this and you know that you’re guilty of this, then you can still stand out by sharing information with others and still be successful.

Photo Credit: ThisisHolyHead

But, I did a lot of research before getting this information?

If that is your case, then share it with people you won’t regret sharing it with. Or if you think you will feel more disturbed then sell it.

If you think that you only have access to this kind of information, you’re darn wrong. Of course, it’s someone from somewhere that passed it down to you or else you bought the kind of information then you can sell it in order not to feel guilty.

The point I am trying to make is that, either you share it or not, the amount of time you work on the information you have will actually be the result of it. Most times, not everybody that you share this vital information with will actually work towards it.

If you ask me, “how do I make money or how do I write or create something”? Of course, I will tell you. This has been my way for long. I don’t hide vital information because I have defined what success really means to me and I am not looking for any other.

Share information with others and make the world a better place. You’ll receive more of it because it’s reciprocal. We cannot all be rich. There will be poor people, middle class and the first class even though you keep those wealth/success related information with yourself alone. Peace!

-MOAB © 2014


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