Applause: Don’t let it ruin you

Show me that person who doesn’t like to be praised after doing something pleasant and great. Are you still thinking? If you finally found one I bet the person is not human. Being praised gives one a nudge to move forward and do better next time. We all love to be praised. You can call it an encouragement but our ego recognizes it as something else. Whatever name you want to call it, the point is, we all relish applause.

Is applause healthy for creativity and productivity?

Yes, applause is healthy for creativity and productivity because it let one to strive harder and become better than one did before. Applause is an extrinsic motivation but it can be dangerous, too. At some point in one’s life, being praised too much could lead to the downfall of one’s success.

Applause can be both a blessing and a curse if one does not find a balance in between one’s ego.

Applause sometimes can be like the analogy of a baby mosquito that fly out for the first time and seeing a lot of people clapping. To the baby mosquito, it was a good moment thinking people were actually praising him for being courageous and flying out for the first time which of course is not. People were literally clapping to kill him, but it doesn’t know.

Applause could make one go to the extreme of wanting to satisfy the people all the time. It makes one go nut that one could think that one is infallible. So, applause should be seen as a wonderful thing but don’t let it get into your head because it will ruin you.  It has ruined many celebrities and you’re not left out if you don’t pay heed and find a balance.

Applause is good for us, we all love it, and want it but there’s got to be a balance, and it’s up to you to find it.

How has being praised affected you positively and vice versa?

-MOAB © 2014


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