Battling with my new self hosted blog

I have been away for a while not posting anything on my blog. Well, that’s not intentional. I have been working on my new self-hosted website which is taking all my time to build.

After hosting my website with iPage (I don’t think they’re the best though), I have been battling with my niche because I don’t actually know what my writing is really all about. I write a lot of different things. My writings are not based on a particular subject or idea. So, for this reason I was lost.

Seeking Perfection

After I had finally thought of a niche to focus on which are actually eclectic writings, random thoughts and observations then I was stuck with the designing and organizing my website. Building site by oneself even with the easiest tool is hard. Just like writing. Must one seek for perfection? No. Why? Because perfection kills productivity. Perfection takes more of one’s time. It diminishes the artistic prowess in one’s heart.

We’re not meant to be perfect so why do I want my blog to be.

Though, I have learned a lot why seeking for this perfection, deleting many plugins, looking for a good theme to use and the rest. It has taken my time and that’s why I haven’t been writing often like I used to.

Focus on Your Writing.

Yes, focusing on one’s writing is the best. At least if one write good content more often, it will be easier to get one’s blog to where one want it to be.

The design will come after, the best plugin will come, and other necessary things to do as people visiting your blog will actually advise you on what to improve if one’s writing is good.

So, I have stopped working on my new website for today and focus on my writing in order to get better.

This is the link to my new website, if you found anything you can help me with or an advice on what to do to make it better but not perfect though I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for reading.

NB: There is no proofreading or spell checker whatsoever while writing this. I just need to put this down as fast as possible. I am no more seeking for perfection.

-MOAB © 2014


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