Moab’s Apothegm I

1. “Defending your mistakes is just like a fish claiming it can survive on sand better than in water. Always admit your mistakes and make amendment where necessary.”

2. “Either you crawl, walk or run you will surely reach your destination as predestined.”

3. “At the time of distress if the question that comes to your mind is, “why me?” then the answer is, “not only you”. Remember patience keeps you going to your dreamland.”

4. “More is not enough yet still want more.”

5. “If you don’t have inner peace within yourself how can you advocate for peace? Lack of inner peace and preaching it is called deceit.”

6. “If I should write or speak, I would criticize, condemn and even forget about myself. I would rather deal with myself first because my better self will influence others.”

7. “It’s very obvious that there are thousands of short cuts to success in this era of ours, but the problem is that they all lead to destruction.”

8. “Oppressors are those who don’t see equality as everybody’s right and feel inferior in their subconscious mind, but when given opportunity, power, and wealth they feel they’re superior and start oppressing others.”

9. “This life is big full of mysteries but short in living.”

10. “The most precious gift you can give a writer is a pen because he knows its worth and he never underestimate the power of pen.”

-MOAB © 2014


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