Listen and Observe: The Complete Story

zero-to-hero-badgeA friend asked me recently that, “where do I get the inspiration to write every day?” I said: I listen and observe. This concise response was like a wowzer to him. So, you just listen and observe. Yes, that’s it!

There is always something to write about if we listen to people’s conversation with us carefully and observe the things that surround us. I received a comment on my blog to elucidate more on how I do write just by listening and observing. So, I am writing this now.

Many friends have accused me of not calling them or not checking on them or at least just to say hello to know their wellbeing. In the same line, I have been accused of talking longer on the phone, but I don’t actually make the call. People do. The problem is that I don’t like disturbing people with my problems because every one of us has theirs, too. One thing that people do cherish in me so much is that I do listen. How? Whenever they call me, or encountered any problems or when they feel bored the only option they find is to call me and to their surprise I do pick up their calls and listen. No matter what I am doing, the worse I could say is that, “I will call them back if where I am is not comfortable to talk.”

From all these calls, I have garnered wisdom and I am not always in the shell of name calling or blaming others for their mistakes. After all, we are all human and we do mistakes which actually makes us human being and not robot. I share my feelings and empathy with them which makes them feel more comfortable to share their deep and personal affairs with me. I have gained so much from this. They might not know how this has really helped me personally. There are many things that I had thought I am the only one encountering, but with their calls I do feel and understand that we are all in the same shoes. I get real with them and from these I have found wisdom which I share with people via writing.

My listening is not limited to calls alone, but also within a general or a one-on-one conversation with people. Most times, when this conversation goes on I tried to argue if my view to the conversation is different and then listen attentively garnering the points of others. I have learned so much from this because afterwards I do brainstorm the pros and cons of the topics discussed.

So how do I observe? To me, observation is the cradle of all knowledge. I observe the nature and the message that it is passing to us. I observe people and the message they’re passing consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or non-intentionally and then make some research if my observations have been observed by others, too.

All these bring inspiration to write more often. To get inspired by nature and people is one thing but the ultimate inspiration to pen words down is from God.

As Peter Elbow once wrote: People without education say, “If only I had education I could write.” People with education say, “If only I had talent, I could write.” People with education and talent say, “If only I had self-discipline I could write.” People with education, talent and self-discipline—and there are plenty of them who can’t write—say, “If only—“and don’t know what to say next”

There are many other ways you can get inspiration to write, but for me it’s listening and observation. Find yours!

-MOAB © 2014


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