Listen and Observe

zero-to-hero-badgeA friend asked me recently that, “where do I get the inspiration to write everyday?” I said: I listen and observe. This concise response was like a wowzer to him. So, you just listen and observe. Yes, that’s it!

There is always something to write about if we listen to people’s conversation with us carefully and observe the things that surround us.

Zero to Hero Blogger has helped me to create a way to make my writing quite better this past week and I am glad to be one of Zero to Hero bloggers. Thanks for this opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Listen and Observe

  1. Hello, Moab. I came here from the daily post: yes, it is frustrating. We all want people to look at our blogs. You are not alone. Especially as you have so many facebook likes.

    For building up community, find others who will comment reciprocally, whose blogs interest you. Try a bit of search bait: what do you know about, and how could you get a top five, or top five search-pages, article on that?

    This is a good point- listen and observe- but I would like it expanded. I would like to hear more from you: what does that feel like, for you? How do you do it?

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your points too. Yes, it could be more. It’s more than just to listen and observe. Of course, more research is needed in order to write a prolific write-up. I must confess that it’s not easy.

      Sometimes, one gets lost and lose the whole idea of one’s intention of writing a topic. This is a big challenge and I believe in consistency. The more one learns, the more one writes, the better one becomes. Thanks for checking out my blog. I feel blessed for your comment. I will surely work more on the search-pages and expand on how I do listen and observe to write.

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