Denial: That Won’t Happen To Me

Photo Credit: Fanpop

That will never happen to me! You uttered with so much arrogance or quietly in your mind. Like seriously? I don’t know if you’re in this alone but I am sure and confident that you’ve said this statement once or several times. Maybe you uttered it out of ignorance or lack of experience about life or maybe you refused to learn from history.

I remember when I was younger thinking about different situations that people would get themselves into and thinking “that will never happen to me!”  When we are less experienced in life, we simply can’t see how we could possibly let certain things to befall us.

As we gain experience we begin to see that we don’t always have control over what happens to us, even if we are a pro at something.  Just look at how the Olympic athletes that are pros injure themselves.  There are people who work hard to remain healthy, yet still get cancer or some other infirmity.  They never believed it could happen to them!  Look how many men and women have achieved much success only to lose it later.  Many have amassed much wealth only later to lose all or most of it.

Just study history even a little bit and you will see that many are humbled after achieving success.   Why does this phenomenon recur?  Perhaps we need to be reminded that God is really in control, not us, and if we get too arrogant even if we are not outwardly showing it, but just thinking it God knows.   Remember the tower of Babel?  God destroyed it when the people thought too highly of themselves.

It is those that remain watchful and humble; those that don’t assume that certain misfortunes won’t happen to them that are the ones who more often are able to maintain what they have achieved without losing it.  Perhaps it is because they remember from which all blessings in life are received.  So the next time you think you are the master of your world, take heed that you aren’t eating some humble pie soon!

-MOAB © 2014


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