Traffic Light: A Display of Stages in Life

We all know the functions of a traffic light, right? Yes, I know this is elementary question, but I will still brief its functions to illuminate my aim of writing this. Its function is to control the competing flows of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The traffic light has three color signals (red, orange/amber, and green) that make the traffic control work perfectly. Here it goes:

  • The red signal prohibits any traffic from proceeding
  • The orange/amber light denoting prepare to stop of the intersection, if it is safe to do so
  • The green light allows traffic to proceed in the direction denoted, if it is safe to do so.

It’s just as simple as that. They are all basic things as we do experience them every day. But, have you ever thought it other way of how it correlates with our lives. Maybe!

Traffic lights serve an important part of our lives when we travel and each signal on the light serves a purpose.  You might ask: “What am I going to derive from this”? Just wait! Be patient and read further.

How do you feel when you get stopped by the red traffic light? Angry or perhaps annoyed, right? Just as the red signal stops us from moving further for a while so as circumstances hold us back in life. We feel horrible or at the very least stifled. You can’t seem to understand what’s really stopping you. For example, when we go to school we are not allowed usually to progress too rapidly to the next grade.  If allowed to go too rapidly though we may possess the intellect to do so, we would probably not get the proper social skills needed in life.  Yet just as the red light that stops us from moving forward, it also protects us when traveling so that we don’t get in an accident; which can be a blessing.  This period of stopping makes us reflect on what needs to be done to get prepared to move our lives forward in the future.

The same goes to the yellow traffic light too. It warns us to prepare to stop, or if in the intersection to hurry up and get through the intersection, there are times that we may have like this in life.  For example, if someone who has completed the training for some career but hasn’t yet actually practiced those skills they often go through more training before they are allowed to do it by their self, such as a physician may complete an internship, a teacher does student teaching, and a pilot must pass a flight test before getting their pilot’s license. These are the things we must complete so that we are prepared when given the green light to go in life.

And finally, the green signal represents go. There are many times that we are ready to do just that.  Times like when we’ve completed college and landed a great job and saved some money; we feel freer to do what we want, because we have met pressing goals and now have the time to go and do what we want. Think about the stages of your life so far and your future—where are you at now—stop, caution, or go?

-MOAB © 2014


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