Don’t Rush Lest You Fall

Don’t rush! You’ll fall! This is what a cleaner told me this morning while in a hurry climbing down the dorm’s staircase. I wonder why she said that. I have been climbing this stairs back and forth, up and down for years and now a cleaner is telling me not to rush that I will fall.

Why should I take her caveat seriously? After all, I am a pro. I am young and energetic. I can skip two steps at a go. But, she knew that I am young, yet she said, “Don’t rush, you will fall.”

In life, we rush into everything. We hurry to work, hurry into everything that we do. Often times, we thought that we have the wherewithal to make things happen as quick as we want. We rush to talk, we rush to decide, we rush to eat, and we rush into conclusion. Where is the in-between? Where is the balance?

I know that you’re a professional writer or a professional engineer or any other expertise you’re into, but that doesn’t make you infallible if you rush.

Either you’re a pro or a dilettante there is no need to rush into things because if you do, you will fall. Take your time, savor the in-between, and find a balance.

-MOAB © 2014


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