A Million Bucks: What Would You Do For A Living?

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Let’s be sincere here folks! What would you do for a living if all salaries were the same? Name it. Is that a difficult question to ask? If you’re still thinking about it that means you don’t love the job you’re doing right now. Just say it aloud!

At the age of 10, I was told that there are 3 professions that God blesses the most—Farming, Teaching, and Medicine. As I grow older, I was stuck with this notion that even my mom would call me Dr. Muhiz. This also made me to believe that I was born to be a doctor. They were all wrong! Maybe, they meant that those three professions were extremely necessary for civilization.

After graduating from high school, my interest in medicine started waning away but didn’t know what to tell my mom. She had wanted me to be a doctor, and I had thought I wanted that, too. One day, I summoned up my courage and said, “Mom I want to study English.” Her response was harsh; she scolded me and chided me by her words saying, “Do you want to become a teacher with low salary? Do you want all my struggle and effort (her spending) on you to go in vain?” I said, “No, ma! I will be a doctor mom.” I tried my best, but it didn’t work out.

I started writing in my old chemistry notebook and putting down my thoughts in there. I would be embarrassed to see those written thoughts now, but I am glad I did. I tried all my best to get admitted to medical school, but I was not successful despite my best efforts. I proceeded to pursue civil engineering as a course, at least engineers make plenty money too. Now, I am a graduate of Industrial and Civil Engineering but not a proud engineer. My love for engineering has waned, too.

What am I doing wrong?  Why is my passion waning like melting ice? Is there something at which I am really good? Maybe! Not even sure. I have been told by friends to study language, some even asked me to write for them (essays, resumes, and motivational letters) which I really wrote well.

Yes, I know that sometimes that my grammar sucks, but the message in all my writings have been appreciated by many people. I have received warm heartfelt messages from people telling me to keep writing that they’re learning from my writings. The question that always gives me concern, however, is “Do you get paid for your writings?”  If I said “No” then people say “Why are you wasting your time?” And this is my question for them—what would you do for a living if all salaries were the same?

Do you still wonder what would I do for a living if all salaries were the same? You should have known from my ranting above. I would still be a writer even when I don’t get paid for it. Make your passion your profession.

-MOAB © 2014


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