Action Always Beats Intention

Photo Credit: Businessnewsdaily

It’s so funny to hear many people make their New Year resolutions as they do every year.  Some people have started working towards their resolutions while many only made lip service towards them. This has been their way every year. A resolution without an action is like a football player who wanted to score a penalty kick without kicking the ball. He only intended but doesn’t act.

Resolutions are just mere words. They have no effects until you act on them. They won’t bring those changes you are craving for until you get your butt up and act towards them. As Jon Acuff says in his book “Start” that—what you’ve done is always more powerful than what you’re going to do. Action always beats intention and words.

I know that your list is full of many goals to accomplish this year. I know that you have written them down. But, wait; when are you going to start acting on them? Tomorrow?  Yes, I know this. You have been telling yourself this every day. Tomorrow is your favorite word throughout last year and now it continues. Are you sure that this time that tomorrow will come? I doubt it. Get your butt up now and start acting because action always beats intention.

-MOAB © 2014


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