Deadline: A struggle to Achieve One’s Goal

What does deadline mean to you? It means a lot to people who detest the word “Later”. Deadline is a powerful motivator. Deadline is a struggle to accomplish one’s goal. It is those spirits that took your ass off from bed every morning and go for awesome. Often times, we don’t set deadline for ourselves and that is why we find ourselves in difficult situations sometimes. Later is the word we cherish most.

During my undergraduate years, students were given deadline to submit their course works and projects which if they are not done, there is no way to write exams. I would procrastinate and procrastinate till two days before the deadline and running helter-skelter. This attitude has caused me stress more than anything. I was humiliated because of this attitude and it also cost me more than I could afford. If I had set myself a deadline other than the deadline of the university, I would have been better off; I would be stress free and prepare for exams earlier.

When someone has a goal to accomplish or a dream to pursue one should set a deadline which will literally make one to struggle harder. Trust me, the result will be awesome. Deadline is not just setting a date or a calendar schedule; it’s a struggle, a determination, a focus that let someone reach his goal. Yes, it will be tough, there is no doubt, but at the end you will make it.

If today is your last day, what would you do differently? You have been procrastinating all your life to go for awesome. Fear is winning you over and over. I know you don’t want this for yourself; I know that you want to make things happen and if you really do, then start the project. Say those beautiful words to your loved ones, stop those bad habits, do good deeds as much as you can, say farewell to later and go for awesome. Your deadline is now.

-MOAB © 2013


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