Success is a Process

success conceptThis is my routine every day when I visit my Ukrainian grandma—I water the flowers standing on her kitchen windowsill, check her two old mobile phones (check the battery, missed calls and messages, and account balance), measure her blood pressure, prepare her favorite beverage made from chicorée plant which actually helps to reduce her blood pressure, and finally help her in taking her medicines. This is what I do almost every day and it has become a normal activity.

Actually, this is not about me helping someone. We should all help anyway. It’s all about my observations during this routine and how it’s related to success. I observed that the flowers I have been watering almost everyday were not growing, but I keep watering them because she instructed me to do so. I wanted those flowers to grow faster maybe she would tell me to stop watering them. Instead, the flowers refused to grow. I ask myself why would I be feeding something, or putting much effort to some stuff without seeing any changes. We all want success in everything that we do, anything that we put more exertion into. We want quick success and it’s normal for human beings.

depositphotos_3476263-Flowers-and-red-candles-on-window-sillI keep watering the flowers every day, yet no changes. She told me to relax for two days and come after that, so, I did. The next time I visit, I was surprised to see that the flowers have grown, greener, and beautiful. I asked myself, why are they not growing all this while? I was wrong. In fact, I was asking the wrong question. The flowers have been growing and growing every day, but I didn’t notice them because I want quick change, I wanted them to grow earlier than they suppose to. This process is also similar to how success works, too. The water I pour on those flowers is just like our efforts and struggle to make things happen as fast as we want. Success doesn’t grow overnight; it is a process just like how the flowers grow. It will take time. Sometimes, it will take years for success to come.  It needs persistence, courage, effort, and struggle before it comes. If only we understand that this is how success works, that it doesn’t happen out of the thin air, it takes courage, perseverance, and persistence for it to grow.

Are you pursuing that dream of yours? Yes, it’s a process. Do you want to stop that bad habit of yours? Yes, it’s a process. Do you want to live a life of contentment? Yes, it’s a process.  Anything that you think success is to you, it’s a process. All the good things that you want won’t come overnight, it might not even come in a decade, but it will come because it’s a process if only you stick to these—Persistence, Perseverance, Struggle, Effort, and Courage.

-MOAB © 2013


3 thoughts on “Success is a Process

  1. Great observation. Sometimes also plants don’t like to be watered every day. Maybe you were being too kind to them and then when you withdrew some of that they blossomed under their own power?

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes you’re right. Sometimes we just need to relax and afterwards move forward for success to come. Anything in plethora is not good. Anyways, being patient is always good except it won’t be enough. 🙂

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