Hair extension: A Slave to Fashion

Who says you are not beautiful with your natural hair? The cult of beauty in the era of globalization has eaten up our women’s soul. There is nothing you can tell those women to convince them that this is a slave to fashion. The cry and the argument will go on forever without them accepting that this so called “fashion” has gone beyond beauty. It’s in fact slavery. Do they even care where those hair extensions come from? I guess not. They are in bondage and in a blind state to even ask as far as they look beautiful. Maybe there should be a concise meaning of beauty; if you are reading this you can kindly define yours.

Most of the hair extensions are gotten from India, Venezuela and other Asian and South American countries. I saw a documentary recently on how Hindu pilgrims donated their hair in a ritual purification and how the hairs were being sold to hair extensions companies. It has now become a commodity and economic resource for some people. As if the Hindu ritual hair donation is enough, but what about in Venezuela where some gangs called “Pirana” has been cutting off women’s hair. The gangs sell the stolen hair to salons which fashion it into braids in this oil-rich and beauty-obsessed country. These are hair extensions you see at your beauty salons and you are not bothered about it because you want to look beautiful.

Your natural hair was not a mistake and your Creator knows what suit you. So why change what God knows it fit you? Why become a slave to fashion because you want to look beautiful? There is no better way to look more beautiful rather than appreciating and maintaining your natural hair and look.

-MOAB © 2013


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