Culture and Its Influence

After reading Steven Pressfield’s Writing Wednesdays on Personal Culture, my heart quickly shifted to Nigeria. Steven’s words resonated with my thoughts and I decided to write something about it pertaining to Nigeria as a country. There is culture everywhere. One of the most difficult things to eradicate is culture. It could take years or forever to demolish a culture.

If you want to change an organization change its culture says Steven Pressfield. Nigeria as a country has many problems and culture is one of them. There are good and bad culture all over the world and Nigeria is not left out.The culture of respect and seniority in Nigeria which of course is good, but it has been abused by the very people who call for it. The culture of if-I-get-there too I will embezzle as much as I can because others did the same, too. The culture of not been able to confront our elders when they are astray. The culture of corruption in all walks of life in the country. The culture of cheating one’s siblings, the culture of celebrating mediocrity and criminality and many among others.  I could go on and on.

Steven Pressfield continues with his point on personal culture as individual which is also important in building a nation. Our personal culture can be nurtured and become good culture which will influence the country. There are good cultures to emulate for the betterment of the country, but reverse is the case when the Nigerian people have emulated the wrong culture.  Any culture that does not bring development to a community should be abolished and eradicated.

Are we ready to change the bad culture we are into and emulate the good culture for our own personal growth and for the country as a nation?


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