The Tiny Good in Colonialism

tumblr_mk25lxdV3w1rqkjy0o6_r1_400After reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart with matured mind, I was informed with the atrocities, and damages that our colonial masters had done to us. From the downfall of our empires and kingdoms; to the eradication of our cultures, and customs that made us who we are. The humiliation, suffering, torture, and undeserving treatment that our ancestors had are just too much to put into words. No words can describe their agonies, and pains. To our ancestors, it was a mystery of some white alien that overtook them by night for no appropriate reasons. They seemed not to understand what our colonial masters really want from us. We are people of generosity, hardworking, and people of entertainment they cried out in sympathy. We have got our own rules, for we know that a land without law, there is no crime there. We’re people of peace.

Often times, we only hear about the bad and evil of the colonialism and I guess by now we all know the bad that our colonial masters had done to us. But, wait; there must be a tiny good in it too. Or what do you think? Of course, there is. We can’t keep condemning the bad, and never for once acknowledge the good that colonialism had brought to us. Yes, our ancestors were tortured, and humiliated there is no doubt. For every good cause there will be some people who will pay for the price. They fought to the last drop of their blood. They sacrificed their souls, and some even chose suicide rather than being humiliated.

So what has colonialism brought to us? Colonialism has brought us civilization. Yes, civilization. Don’t tell me that. We were civilized before the colonization. This is the argument of many youths and scholars, but maybe we should define what civilization really is. Would you call those huts, bows and arrows civilization? As for me, the ability to be able to read and write is civilization. The ability to be able to travel a long distance within an hour is civilization. The ability to be able to communicate to people in other part of the world is civilization. The ability to be able to think that Twin babies are not demons is civilization. The ability to be able to produce fertilizers that speed up the growth of our plants is civilization. If not for colonialism I don’t think Chinua Achebe would be able to pass his stories across the world. Yes, our colonial masters are our enemy, but the enemy is always a teacher who taught us many things. From the teacher we had learned many things, both good and bad. And the teacher had brought us civilization which is the tiny good in colonialism.

-MOAB © 2013


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