Language: Why You Must Learn One

How many languages do you understand? Have you tried to understand other people’s language? You might even ask why you need to understand other people’s language. Let me tell you one secret today: The more you try to understand other people’s language the more you understand yours. You’ll see the relativity in all languages and see that we all came from one source.

My interest in language piqued when I started learning Arabic language. It made me to understand better the basic grammars in English language. I found the beauty both in English and Arabic while learning Arabic language. I learned that there are masculine and feminine words in Arabic which in English it rarely occurs. The same thing occurred when I was learning Russian language. Learning Russian was very easy for me at first because of the little knowledge I had in Arabic language. The grammatical gender, the possessive case, the prepositional case, the accusative case, the dative case, the gerund, and so on doesn’t appear to me as something strange as to many other people who had never learned the basic grammars of other language.

Learning other people’s language will also increase your intelligence quotient, it will make you to understand the world better, it will make you understand the custom and culture of others, it will expand your thought and perspective of other people, it will make your brain works faster than you expected. You can memorize and assimilate things better than others because of your constant brain exercise. Learning other people’s language is not an easy task but it’s a task worth doing. And if you ask me what learning other people’s language has brought me? I will give you unlimited and never ending list of it. Trust me, you just need to learn other people’s language and experience what I am talking. It’s never too late to learn, take a book now on any language or travel to other places where your language is not spoken and learn new things. Start now or never!  “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne

-MOAB © 2013


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