Never Look Down On Anyone: An Unpracticed Saying

Don’t tell me you are different. I don’t look down on anyone you might argue. Tell me the first thing you first look/notice when meeting someone you have never met before? The person’s smile? That’s true but not always. The person’s outfit especially shoes? Yes, that’s true and this is where I am coming from. There is this prejudgment under the pretext of people’s outfit. We all have it in our subconscious mind that anyone with good looking and attractive shoes is rich, even when we don’t know their pocket. We often keep long conversation with those kinds of people whenever we meet them even when it’s not necessary.

The kind of respect and attitude we give to those people is different from when we meet people whose shoes are unattractive, cheap, and only ubiquitous among the poor. We often make our conversation short with them and sometimes avoid people from seeing us with them. “Never look down on anyone”- is not referring to a particular set of people, but to all human beings in spite of what they put on attractive or not. If truly people do practice this lovely quote and cherish the beauty in each individual’s heart without any prejudgment of who they are because of their outfit then the world would be a better place. It’s just unfortunate that we will still keep looking down on each other as it has become our norm, and our society has set that to be part of our social life. One grace we should all pray for is the ability NOT to look down on people. There is greatness in every human that is God’s original design.

-MOAB © 2013


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