Days Without Kopek

kopeyka41There are some days one should never forget or left out in one’s biography as they’re the days that plays a vital role in one’s life. It’s true that hard moments are not meant to kill us or to weigh us down, they’re meant to shape us to become someone better if we could see the lessons in between. Many of us have had that tough/hard moments in our lives, yet they didn’t tear us apart, they made us who we are today. For me, I am not left out. I have had tough times, challenges, and trials and overcoming them doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be more of it coming. It will be great injustice to my soul if I do not recognize those moments, at least acknowledging the reality of that moments and the lessons in between.

Kopek is a monetary unit coin in Ukraine and as small as it is there are moments that I can’t boast of one kopek yet I survived. It’s not by my grace, but God’s grace. Even up to this moment I can’t still fathom how blessed I was within this moment. If you keep telling your folks that there is no job, things are difficult the next question they ask is, how do you survive? And I have always got a good answer by saying it’s with the grace of God. It’s just beyond my comprehension and I will forever be grateful for those tough moments.

Those moments served as training, an eye opener to many things. It let me know that no one really want to help unless they will gain something from you. People will downgrade you, make jest of you, send you errands that they can’t send you if you are financially ok, people will disrespect you, and also take you for granted; but yet never despise. Be determined and pray always. Many folks are facing that moment now but don’t let that weigh you down. Keep praying for God’s mercy as those tough/hard moments are just test of faith and one must learn the lessons in between.
I have always believed that all trials and tribulations are only test of one’s faith and with time they will be gone but the lessons in between must not be ignored.

MOAB © 2013


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