How many of you can remember words that hurt you or words that brings hope to you or words that changed your life? I have never thought of words as a tool of change. In my high school days, I love to read dictionary in order to improve my diction and vocabulary, but I didn’t realize the impact of words in one’s life. I learned those words in order to impress friends and acquaintances.

There is a saying in my country Nigeria that- words are painful than punishment. I couldn’t understand not until hurtful words are been said to me. Yes, I totally agree that words are painful than punishment. Many folks have committed suicide because of the hateful words said to them; many have low self-esteem because of the negative words said to them by their friends and relatives.

There are many things that words do:

  • Words kill faster than bullet
  • Words heal an afflicted soul
  • Words give hope
  • Words extinguish the fear of impossibility
  • Words touch the heart where no one can
  • Words resonate with our senses

Do you want to bring change to your world or give hope to that dying man? Do you want to become a great leader or a great speaker? Then, use words because they matter. Use words carefully in order to bring that change we are all looking for.

Words either spoken or written are sometimes provoking, tender, and mild. Words are what make writers different from ordinary men; because with their words they bring hope, wisdom, and the reality of the life we are living. Words matter and that’s why you should make good use of it.

-MOAB © 2013


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