Are we all racist? Or the question should better be asked as are we all agents of Xenophobia? Don’t marry Oyinbo(White) they will warn you even before your departure abroad. You will surely want to pay heed to their strong caveats, but your perspective of the world has changed after arriving to a new world of different culture. What prompted our parents, families, and friends to keep warning us against the Oyinbos? Of course they have heard many scary stories, stories of racial abuses, and so on. There is no doubt that racial abuses do occur as one must have experienced it once one way or the other, but I will never leave a lacuna and forget the main point I really want to make. The point is we are all afraid of a strange culture, we are afraid that our culture will be demolished if we allow diversity to take place. We deemed ourselves to be better than others. Maybe we all have racist tendency as it always shows from ours speeches, actions, and even from our looks.

I could remember once when I told my Sudanese friends that I would like to marry a Saudi girl they laughed at me saying it’s a dream that will never come true. I asked why? And they said because I am black and moreover they will never give out their daughters to anybody outside their tribe no matter how religious you are. This shocked me and I quickly remembered the caveats I was given before I left Nigeria that don’t marry Oyinbo ooo. This is happening everywhere- the tribal hatred, racial hatred, and intolerance that has eaten up our souls. What difference does it make whether one is black, white, or red, or even green. It does not make any difference as far as you have soul and you are breathing just like me a white friend once told me. The balance of equality in attitude towards others who are not from your tribe or race is the peak of being humane. As for me, there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. Act just and stop being a racist.

-MOAB © 2013


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