Living Within The Game

Every man wants the best for himself; man wants to be successful in everything that he does. Within the pursuit of success lies obstructions, struggles, challenges, and hardships which man wants to avoid, in fact; all man wants shortcut to success. As in many games today where the players struggle and face challenges that comes within because they want to win or defeat their opponents; they don’t care whichever way they win, either they cheat or exceed the limit of the law all because they want to be a winner. To them a loser is not strong enough or it’s humiliating to be a loser not knowing that for every game there must be a winner, and vice versa.

The struggles and challenges we face in every game also apply to our daily lives. We struggle here and there wanting to overcome challenges, and thinking why we would be losers if our friends could be successful and win always. All these challenges, struggles, hardships, and obstructions that come within our daily lives are the games which we want to win always. We are all in this game together; we are all pursuing something which in most cases we call it our dreams or a means of survival.

Many of us have done things that we thought we would never do in our life. Things we have accused others doing when we were still young, catered for, and never had any responsibility whatsoever. After reaching that age, seeing how difficult things are then we give ourselves excuses like –I need to survive and win this game of mine. It’s not surprising that many sportsmen were caught for doping after many triumphs in their career. The likes of Marion Jones, Tyson Gay, Lance Armstrong and the rest are examples to cite on. The question is: What initiated them to involve in this act? My answer is that none of them want to be a loser, they want to boost their ego and make big name on the screen and on the daily papers. They want to win always.

This is not a problem among the sportsmen alone, but also among common men like you and I. My teeny-weeny experience so far had let me to understand that living within the game is not an easy task. While living within the game, you will be tempted with many things – pressures from peer group and from the society we live in. Living within the game is all about survival and the pursuit of happiness wherever one can get it. It is part of our life and one should try to make a balance between it. Seeking for a balance is seeking God first, and if God is always on our mind fearing that He sees our deeds and actions then we won’t exceed the limit while living within the game.

MOAB © 2013


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