Choosing Peace Over Truth

 The world is not ready to accept truth as what it is. Truth has always caused violence and chaos among friends and family, and people in general. Truth hurts us so much, it cringes our bones, and makes us a good lawyer defending ourselves. For the sake of peace, we avoid saying the truth and fake a smile on our lips. For the sake of peace, we keep mute because it will hurt others. Is there a kind way of saying the truth? Maybe there is. No matter how much you try to say the truth or how carefully you choose your words not to hurt others, it will keep haunting and hurt. We tend to give truth the adjective that it does not possess. Such as: polite truth, rude truth, dirty truth, harsh truth; and the fact is that, they all hurt.

Truth is like a stain in a white cloth, it’s like the sun that can never be shut down, and if it’s gone today it will show up tomorrow. As obstinate as truth is, it often comes in varied forms. It shows up in our daily jokes with friends, it shows up as an enemy who hate us so much, it shows up in our interaction and dialogue with people; and in all facets of life. You can never run away or hide from it. Truth is indeed stubborn.

So, how can we integrate peace and truth? If truth is not prevailing, then there won’t be peace. It’s a win-win race for truth in order for peace to reign. The denial of truth is the sole cause of many problems across the globe. For if we accept truth as what it is, act upon it; then the world will be a better place. Truth is always painful; it slaps us in the face, and sometimes in an embarrassing way. But, if we welcome and accept truth as what it is, we will become someone better. Peace will be ours if we act upon the truth being told to us. Isn’t time for you to accept the truth now? The truth is glaring and obvious, and most times it needs a rethink. Accept the truth now and have peace!

-MOAB © 2013


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