Being The First-Born

Are you the first-born in your family? If yes, then you are not alone. I’m also the first-born. We the first-born were given birth when our parents had nothing, lack parenting experience, yet they are deep in love, catered for us, cherished us like a lost but found diamond, encountered different kind of problems and all these make the first-born who he/she is today. 

As the first-born of the family you have a lot of responsibilities especially when you have like 2 or 3 siblings or more; then your responsibilities become more. Do you worry about taking responsibilities for your siblings as the first-born? Yes I do, because I wanted to do more, not out of pride or being respected, but because I want to ensure that they are alright.

As the first-born, your siblings are looking up to you, watching the way you live, the way you react to things and most times it has influence on them. Many first-born have played a great role in the life of their siblings and vice-versa. And, of course there are testimonies around the globe that confirms this. Being the first-born doesn’t make you a dictator, but makes you to be brave, strong, smart, and wise. Inspire your siblings today, have a beneficial influence on them and your responsibilities would be less. Be inspired first-born.
-MOAB © 2013


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